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Greetings! Welcome to The Bookologist!

If your wondering about the blog or the person behind running this blog, you've come to the right page!

About the blog:
The Bookologist was founded back in August 2009. It is an online blog solely focused on young adult literature. It originally started out as a fan blog for a series that I was in love with back then... But I realized, I didn't just want to share my love for that specific series, I wanted to share my passion and love for the whole book industry!

On the blog, you will find young adult book reviews, author interviews, contests, giveaways, upcoming releases, new covers, news on young adult books, and other random musings of my life.

About the girl behind the blog:
My name is Mavie and I'm a teenager... a high schooler too. I love books. If you know me, I have to have a book in my bag at all times; whether it's to a vacation or just in school. I also like to write... I sometimes write during my free time- whether it be a poem, a story, or an essay. In school, I enjoy English class the most (and as well as Math) :)

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Thanks for visiting The Bookologist!

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