My Almost Epic Summer by Adele Griffin

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 |

Title: My Almost Epic Summer
Author: Adele Griffin
Publisher: Speak (May 1, 2008)
Pages: 176 pages
Reading Level: Young Adult

Irene's got big dreams—someday she'll own a sun-kissed salon in L.A. where her specialty will be recreating the hairstyles of famous literary heroines. And it's a good thing she has dreams, since reality is harsh. She's just been fired from her mom's beauty salon for her tear-jerking shampooing technique, and is forced to take the only other job she can find—babysitting. Now she's stuck at the beach entertaining kids while everyone else is having a glamorous summer.Will she ever get a life?

Then she meets Starla, a mind-bogglingly beautiful lifeguard whose diva attitude, dangerous obsessions, male admirers and cringe-worthy blog supply Irene with enough real-life drama and romance to fill a book. Amidst the complicated friendships, inconvenient crushes and occupational mishaps that seem to define this summer, Irene suddenly and unexpectedly finds that the countdown to real life is over and her fate is in her hands. from book reads

This book was a light read. It was an okay book. It's great how she used "almost epic." In the book she gets fired from a salon, and now she has to babysit! Which means she's stuck with the children, that's a very good summer. It seemed like Irene was to much of a drama queen to me, well in some parts.

My favorite part is when she babysits Evan and Lainie Prior. She goes with them to the beach and Evan almost drowns. She really wants that time of her life over. In the beach, Irene meets a life guard, Starla, that's the time when she really wants that time over...

As you get deeper into the book, you will understand the "almost epic" Guess... Will something good happen for it to be an "ALMOST epic summer" .... maybe....

This book was okay, I guess it's not great but not bad either, if your wanting to read a fast-light book, then go ahead and read this!

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