Author Interview: Jennifer Jabaley

Thursday, August 20, 2009 |

Born in New York and raised in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Jennifer Jabaley is a graduate of James Madison University and Southern College of Optometry. She began writing in 2006 and tries to manage optometry, writing and motherhood. She lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia with her husband and two children. (from her webiste)

Please welcome Jennifer Jabaley, author of Lipstick Apology!

What inspired you to write Lipstick Apology?

I was inspired to write Lipstick Apology after a phone call with my sister. She was getting ready to go on a trip and it was the first time she was leaving her children. Since I'm the legal guardian in the event of their death, she kept calling me the night before the trip to tell me things "in case the plane went down" It became a little absurd and after the seventh call I said to my husband, "If the plane was going down, she'd whip out her lipstick and scrawl on a tray table the children's bedtime routine." And then I thought, hey, that is a great idea for a book - a note on a tray table.

Are you somewhat the same of different with Emily Carson?

No, I don't think there is too much of me in Emily. I think Emily has insecurities and desires to fit in and be popular like most teenage girls. But fortunately I never had to deal with the loss of parents or a strange apology or moving to a new city.

Where do you usually write?

I like to write at the kitchen table, although if it's loud in the house, I'll retreat upstairs to my office.

Do you have anything you need when you write?

Well, I write longhand, so I use a spiral bound notebook and a gel pen. I also need caffeine and silence.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

I have so many favorite authors! Just to mention a few: Sarah Dessen, Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin, Carolyn Mackler, Sarah Mylnowski

What's some good advice for those young writers out there?

The best advice I ever heard was to find an idea that really excites you. You will be spending an awful long time with those characters and that plot, so you have a much better chance at completion of a manuscript if you truly love the story.

Are you planning to write other books?

Right now I'm working on an adult chick lit novel.
Thank you Jennifer!

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