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Monday, September 21, 2009 |
I am happy and honored to accept your book to review, feature, and promote on The Bookologist. I spend a lot of time on my blog and reading as well, so, please remember I don't take reading or blogging as something I 'have' to do, I do it for fun and for my love of books. I also am very happy to participate in any blog tours, interview authors, host contests and giveaways.

Unfortunately, I don't accept every single book review request I get. Some books are not a good fit for me or just, simply don't catch my attention. Even if it is to decline, I still politely email you back, and, of course, giving you a reason to why I am declining your request. I've noticed that some emails go to spam, I rarely check my spam folder, so I apologize if you don't get a reply. I have a habit of deleting everything on my spam folder, am still trying to change this habit, please bare with me! If you want your book reviewed, please read below to see if your book will catch my attention and be fit enough for me to read.

Genres I like: Paranormal romance, romance, chick-lit, fantasy, and contemporary... Basically anything young adult. I do, however sometimes accept middle-grade/tween books to review.

If you are to send me a novel from a series, please make sure you have the other books in the series for you to send to me, in case I have not read the series (this is a big possibility). It is better if I read the first book to the last, rather then jump between books.

Genres I don't enjoy: Unfortunately, I will rarely accept anything that is adult fiction, non-fiction, or memoirs. My blog is young adult book review blog so this is the reason to why I only accept young adult books to review.

Book format: I only accept arcs, bound manuscripts, or finished copies. Basically, anything that I can hold. I don't accept any e-books, pdf files, anything you read on screen. I apologize!

Being honest and fair: I do not promise that my review for your novel will be a favorable one, or, even, I don't promise that I will be posting a review. I try my best to finish every book I read, but there are just some exceptions where I really can't go any further with the book. I usually read the first fifty pages or so, or read four to five chapters. If I'm not interested to the book by then, then, I will set the book aside. I strive for fairness. I am very honest to reviewing novels. I don't just give a book a positive review because I got it for free or got it sent for review. Though, remember, I am never disrespectful with any of my reviews. If you'd like, you could tell me to send my review to you first before I post it, that way, you have a choice whether you still want me to post it or not.

Time it takes to review a novel: I try to review each and every book in a timely manner. Unreleased books are my top priority, especially when the novel is coming out the same month I receive the novel. It may take longer for me to review if your novel has already been released as to the to-be released novels. I try my best to review each novel on it's release month. However, if it is a book that is already released, it can take me up to three months to review it.

Format: I always have the book cover and book information. I have the title, author, pages, publisher, publication date, source, and book description. I don't write my own blurb/synopsis for the book, I usually take it from Amazon, Goodreads, or the jacket flap itself.

Reviews are written in 1st person, meaning, me talking as 'I'. Every single sentence is an opinion or feeling of mine. I usually talk about the plot, writing, premise, and characters. I might mention one or two parts that I disliked about the book, and the rest would be parts that I did like. It really depends on how much I enjoyed it. In the end, I have a rating for the cover, ending, characters, writing, and an overall rating, with five stars being the best.

Traffic Details: Up to today, The Bookologist is surpassing 1800 followers and is receiving 400-500 page views a day. Ever since August 2009, this blog has taken over 60,000 unique visitors and almost has 10,000 unique visitors a month. With comments The Bookologist has over 3800 comments from readers and followers.

Now that you know about my taste and policies in books, please email me with your review request! I look forward to working with you!

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