Contest: Win FAT CAT by Robin Brande!

Friday, November 6, 2009 |

Robin has kindly donated a signed copy of FAT CAT to one lucky reader! I loved FAT CAT so I hope you guys will too. Here's a little something about it:

You are what you eat. . . .

Cat smart, sassy, and funny—but thin, she’s not. Until her class science project. That’s when she winds up doing an experiment—on herself. Before she knows it, Cat is living—and eating—like the hominids, our earliest human ancestors. True, no chips or TV is a bummer and no car is a pain, but healthful eating and walking everywhere do have their benefits.

As the pounds drop off, the guys pile on. All this newfound male attention is enough to drive a girl crazy! If only she weren’t too busy hating Matt McKinney to notice. . . .

This funny and thoughtful novel explores how girls feel about their bodies, and the ways they can best take care of their most precious resource: themselves.


Want to know more about it? Check my review!

How To Enter:
Comment with your email and an answer to this question;
"What food would it be hardest for you to give up?"
Cat, the main character had to do this as well. No answer, no entry.

Extra Entries:
+3 follow
+2 go to Robin's bio and tell me one thing you learned about her.
+1 link (sidebar,twitter, etc...) Up to 3 places.

Other Info:
  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Nov. 21 is the deadline.
  • Good luck!
For other info, check my contest policy, further questions, email me.


*Thanks to Robin!


B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

"What food would it be hardest for you to give up?"
-- I would HATE to give up Pasta! I eat it about 3 times a week for dinner.. its yummy!

+3 - follow!
+2 - I learned that she was a yoga instructor. That is pretty cool. I wish I knew how to do that!
+1 link on twitter from @1xariellex3


Joana said...

It'd be really hard for me to give up on bread XD

+3 follow


principessa_mia2000 at yahoo dot com

(: Isa :) said...

Hadn't heard of this one before. I don't think it would be possible to give up coffee. Does that count as food? I have coffee every single day because it is oh so warm and delicious! Of course I pile on the sugar and milk and cream.

+3 Follow

Martha Lawson said...

Pizza and french fries!!

+3 follower
+2 former trial attorney

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

It would be hard for me to give up chocolate.

+3 follower
+1 added to sidebar at

Erica said...

Hands down icecream

+3 Follower
+2 I learend she was in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

:) Erica

BookMac said...

Pizza...oohhh how I love pizza!

+3 follower

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

Tootsie Rolls - man I love those thing!

+3 follower
+2 she was on Broadway as a speller :)

foltzsfantasticbooks at

pepsivanilla said...

Fritos!! They are so addicting!

+3 follower
+3 Robin was a Girl Scout leader


RKCharron said...

(I'm Canadian)
I loved your interview with Robin & wanted you to know I posted your contest on my blog.
Love & Best Wishes,

brizmus said...

It would be next to impossible for me to give up Ethiopian food. Man, I love Ethiopian spinach and lentils and cabbage and split peas, and oh, I am drooling just thinking about it!

+3 follower
+2 she was on broadway in the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee, which I actually saw and loved
+1 it's in my sidebar
+1 i tweeted it


And I loved your review - this book looks so good!

Jemi Fraser said...

I'm Canadian, so I can't enter the contest, but the book sounds fabulous :)

Great blog!

xxsquigglesxx said...

I would never be able to give up macoroni and cheese; it's so good!

+3 follower


Nickles said...

It would be hardest to give up bread!
+3 follower


Bianca said...

Chipotle would be VERY hard for me to give up!!
+3 follower
+2 I learned that Robin had her Broadway debut with The Spelling Bee. And I find that WICKED AMAZING because I LOVE Broadway!

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

Dani. said...

FAT CAT looks sooooo good. I really really really want to read it. Like I'm pretty sure its made of 100% Awesome! :)

+3: Follower!
+2: Learned that Robin had a Broadway debut! :)
+1: Tweeted-
+1: Linked to Sidebar-

-Dani Samson

Shannon Messenger said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity!

There are SO many foods I would have a hard time giving up, but I guess the worst would be chocolate. I have to have a tiny little piece after dinner, just so I feel like I had desert.

+3 for following (I hope new followers count)
+2 Robin played a spelling bee contestant in a Broadway Musical
+1 RT on Twitter (@packratx)

email is packratx (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Hope I did that right. Thanks again!

J. Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. Lee said...

I had to remove my other one because I forgot to answer.
It would be hard to give up rice :)

+3 follow
+2 She was a former trial attorney


The Book Owl said...

It would be hard to give up pasta.

+3 follower
+2 I never knew she was a yoga instructor. Coool!


Ashley said...

Please enter me, thanks!

I could never give up chocolate! *shudders*

+3 I'm a follower
+2 I read the Robin was a lawyer and yoga instructor! :)
+1 Posted on my sidebar at

van_pham said...

Fat cat sounds great, please enter me!

+3 follower

I could never give up soda.

van p.

Amy said...

hmmm, pastries...
Would love to win!

Andrea [Buried In Books] said...

I couldn't give up Taco Bell!

+3 follow
+2 Wow, she's had a lot of different professions! She must have a long resume, lol
+1 sidebar:

Veronica :) said...

I CANNOT give up all the soup in the world! I just can't! :(

I am following you, and I blogged and tweeted about this contest! :)

Also, I can't believe that Robin can be that big of a multi-tasker! That's amazingg =))

Email ~ www.theveronicaproject(at)gmail(dot)com
Blog ~
Twitter ~

Casey said...

It would be hard for me to give up french fries.

+3 follower
+1 sidebar

mabelilly28 said...

Cheez-its...yep these little cheese-flavored crackers would be sending me secret messages, "Eat me!" and "Just one more!"

+3 follower
+2 the author is a trained trial attorney

mabelilly28 at yahoo dot com

Aik said...

I'd say chocolate! It's highly addictive!

+3 follow

+2 Robin made her Broadway debut a few years ago in the musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

+1 tweeted

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Kris said...

Pizza! I LOVE pizza!
+3 follow
+2 She was a wilderness first responder :)
+1 tweeted @KrisLovesBooks

Anonymous said...

I would never be able to give up noodles! They are the ultimate comfort food. Take-out noodles are yum!

+3 I'm a follower

+2 Robin Brandel made her Broadway debut a few years ago in the musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

+1 Linked on sidebar:

Anna ♥

Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

Enter me! Enter me!

Answer to Question: It would be terribly hard for me to give up Oreo Cookies. I can't even imagine it....

+3 follow
+1 Tweeter:
+1 Sidebar:


Lindsay's Photographys said...

I would LOVE to win this!!
Thankyou!! :D:D:D
Answer to Question: It would be terribly hard for me to give up pizza! My family eat pizza EVERY week! :D
3+ I am a follower

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