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Sunday, January 10, 2010 |
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For review:

Princess For Hire (ARC) by Lindsey Leavitt
Gringolandia by Lyn Miller-Lachmann

Gift (thank you to my wonderful fairy!):

Intertwined (ARC) by Gena Showalter
The After (ARC) by Amy Huntley- The original/final title is The Everafter but the ARC says "The After."

What did you get in your mailbox? Leave me a link below!


Raíla said...
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Raíla said...

I'm totally dying for Intertwined since I've heard things about it. Seriously. I also have The Everafter in my wishlist. Wee!

Hope you enjoy them ALL! You deserve it. Your blog is amazing!

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Awesome books! Princess for Hire looks so cute. And my IMM is on my blog, though I don't think my books were quite as good, lol. Happy reading! :D

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I read Intertwined over break and enjoyed it!

Melissa said...

I've never heard of Princess for Hire haha I must be living under a rock :)

Jean (Tuning Into YA Books) said...

Oh. Princess for Hire looks good. Can't wait to see your review!

Anonymous said...

"Princess for Hire" looks so cute -- I can't wait to read it. And I still need to get a copy of "Intertwined" because I've heard such good things about it.

Happy reading!

- Katie

Anonymous said...

Princess For Hire sounds adorable. The Everafter is a really interesting book. I hope you enjoy all your great books! :)

kapri said...

Great books you got this week!
Hope you enjoy them!

BrittLit said...

Enjoy these sound great!

Kristi said...

I need to pick up a copy of Intertwined - I have been wanting to read it forever! Enjoy your reading week.

Book Monster said...

Princess For Hire looks amazing :)

Alyssa said...

Looking forward to hearing what you think of Princess for Hire!

April said...

I have Intertwined and definitely need to get to it!

Fabulous week :-D

Shweta said...

You have some real cool books this week. Intertwined and Princess For Hire look good

Becky said...

Oh wow, you have The Everafter. I want to read that, I've read some mixed reviews. Enjoy!

brizmus said...

I want a book fairy, too! And I so can't wait to read Princess for Hire!

YellowBanana said...

Ooh I've read the Everafter, I thought it was amazing!
Hope you enjoy it too :)

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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