Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 |

Author: Anastasia Hopcus
Pages: 400
Publisher: Egmont
Publication Date: July 13, 2010
Source: Borrow

After her sister Athena's tragic death, it's obvious that grief-stricken Persephone "Phe" Archer no longer belongs in Los Angeles. Hoping to make sense of her sister's sudden demise and the cryptic dreams following it, Phe abandons her bubbly LA life to attend an uptight East Coast preparatory school in Shadow Hills, MA -- a school which her sister mysteriously mentioned in her last diary entry before she died.

Once there, Phe quickly realizes that something is deeply amiss in her new town. Not only does Shadow Hills' history boast an unexplained epidemic that decimated hundreds of its citizens in the 1700s, but its modern townies also seem eerily psychic, with the bizarre ability to bend metal. Even Zach -- the gorgeous stranger Phe meets and immediately begins to lust after -- seems as if he is hiding something serious. Phe is determined to get to the bottom of it. The longer she stays there, the more she suspects that her sister's untimely death and her own destiny are intricately linked to those who reside in Shadow Hills.
Shadow Hills is an extraordinary read that I found both mysterious as well as romantic. Devinish Prep and the town it resides in, Shadow Hills, Massachusetts, emanates a dark, mysterious force, lurking in the shadows. But convincingly, it also provides a great, sort of gothic setting for a deep, entrancing romance. I really loved the way both the romance and the mystery blended and created a creative storyline.

Phe, with her own insecurities and doubts, is mature and practical. She is opinionated that is determined and strong-minded. Her relationship with Zach grew naturally and gradually, as they broke down each others' barriers and let themselves fall in love. I must admire how effortless Anastasia Hopcus made it all seem. The way that Zach and Phe were able to work together was so natural and so characteristic.

Anastasia Hopcus' debut novel will definitely be distinguished amongst other YA books. It is unique, gratifying, and suspenseful. The characters, the setting, and the writing are all perfectly balanced. I can't wait for the next installment of this series! Shadow Hills is a standout and a book that many young adults will definitely love!

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Savannah said...

I am still waiting for my copy to come in. My bookstore does not have it. Grrr...I've read lots of great reviews such as yours and it only make me want it more !!!!

Alex (Tales of a Teenage Book Lover) said...

Just got this one and can't wait to read it!

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Nice review! I definitely agree, it's very unique! =)

miss cindy :) said...

I just read this too! Great review :)

RaĆ­la said...

Aw, I think I'll wait weeks for my copy to get here. I'm so glad you liked it! :D

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

Wow... I am glad I read your review!=) Thx for sharing!!!

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