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Wednesday, July 28, 2010 |

I made a Facebook account (Mavie Bookologist) just for my book blog a week or two ago. I've added quite a lot of bloggers and authors, if you haven't gotten a request from me yet, add me or, comment below with your Facebook name. I'd be happy to add you! -link-

I also made a Formspring account (Mavie, The Bookologist), again, just for my book blog. Yay! Follow me, and, if you have a Formspring account, comment below with a link, and I'll be happy to follow you! -link-


Chas @ LLL Reviews said...


I just requested you as a friend. My username is chasNKai.

misha1989 said...

I am already stalking you on facebook! Hehe
I just started my own blog. Any suggestions/comments are much appreciated.
Thank you

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