Sneaking Around Goodreads (1)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 |
'Sneaking Around Goodreads' is just basically where I showcase a book or two that I just recently discovered through Goodreads. Whether the book is released or not, it doesn't matter.

Four Seasons
by Jane Breskin Zalben

Allegra Katz has been playing piano since she was four. But these aren't just any piano lessons. She studies at the Julliard School in New York, where careers are being formed—or not.Between strict practice schedules, music classes, and regular school, Ally doesn't have time for much else. Sometimes she wishes she could break free, but she's never known any other way.

Her parents—a professional violinist and a singer—would kill her if they knew she was thinking about quitting piano, especially her mother. So she keeps on going, but as the months go by, she begins to ask herself, does she even love the piano? Why does she play? And how much longer can she stand the pressure before she breaks?

by Elizbeth Woods

What if the only friend you could trust turned out to be dangerous? A new thriller from debut author Elizabeth Woods!

These two covers are so pretty! The cover for FOUR SEASONS really intrigues me. I wish I had a longer synopsis for CHOKER, although, the synopsis pretty much tells you the main idea of the story! I'm so ninja, aren't I?

What have you found through sneaking around Goodreads?


Holly said...

Ooh! I LOVE the cover of Choker! Its going on tbr!

Jamie said...

The Choker cover is gorgeous!

Louisse said...

The cover of Choker is so lovely! Actually they both are! XD But Four Seasons kind of has a creepy vibe to it. :) Pretty nonetheless! Thanks for sharing! :D

Hugs, peace and cookies,

Dwayne said...

Choker sounds good- will check it out!

Anonymous said...

You got an award:

Anonymous said...

Wow, love both covers--it's Four Seasons that draws me in, having been in that trained-for-years-but-do-I-really-want-this situation myself. Thanks for spotlighting these two!

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