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Thursday, December 30, 2010 |
The survey that I had made a week ago is now closed. Thank you to everyone who filled it out! It really has given me a bigger idea of what to improve and what you guys like. And, even better, many of you actually gave me a lot of comments and feedback on my features... I wasn't expecting this much! All in all, 92 of you filled out the survey... thank you!

It looks like majority of you guys are fine and are liking the layout. No one said it was messy and is hard to navigate through so I'm not so worried about my layout. Here's what people said about the layout
Dont you want to make your font lil bit bigger? If you use 11, try to use 12. And also the blue color of font in your blog is just too light. You might want to chance with a darker one
I really love your layout! Don't change it! It's clean and very simple! :D
While your blog does have a really nice clean ad organized design. I think just a touch more color could make it even better. :D
Clean, attractive design.
I think the layout is one of the cleanest, prettiest ones I've seen. I like that it's not covered in obnoxious colors or completely filled with ads and banners and crap.
It's well organized, with white background which very cool for my sensitive eyes!!
My layout is yes, clean and simple. I like clean and simple layouts because it's easiest for me. I honestly really like the color blue that I use when linking books, author sites, and links in general. Though, if majority (which I don't know yet) want me to change it, I will. Should I?


I'm also not too worried about the reviews because a lot of you said it was fine. I barely got any 3 star ratings for this one and got mostly 4's and 5's, which I'm very happy about. Also, on the question where I asked 'what makes you want to visit the bookologist,' majority of the 92 people who filled out the survey said that it was the reviews (and cover catch and giveaways) that attracted them to the blog. Here's what people said about the reviews

I really like how your reviews are not too short and long. You cover all the parts most of the time, but you sometime forget to talk about a little of this and that. Great job
High quality reviews
Your reviews include enough info on the book... they are not the best this time around in the blogsphere but they're already great.
I like that you always have an authenticity to your reviews and such.

The blog has contests pretty often so this feature is fine. I got a lot of positive comments on the contests, it was great to hear what you guys thought. Again, no one chose the rating 1 or 2, and barely chose the rating 3, mostly 4, and especially 5. Here's what people had to say about the contests

Ur contests r great... luv them! Keep up how there are no extra entires cuz it's really easy that way.
You have a variety of contests which I enjoy entering
Fun, fun contests! Thanks for all your contests!
It may be hard, but, can you please try and keep all your contests international?

Another one not to worry about! You all seem to love covers... everyone does... I love them too! I don't think this at all is a problem for you guys. I was ecstatic to see the comments on this one because believe it or not, it does take me exactly 2 hours to ready my post. It takes me ages... to edit the pictures and re-size them, upload them to photobucket, save the image twice, get the links to goodreads, etc... my hard work does pay off! Here's what people said about cover-catch
Your cover catch is really enjoyable. I adore it and continue it because it's fun and exciting to see what's new
And one last thing, thanks for linking the book links to the covers... it's very helpful! I'm always reliant on GoodReads!
I love covers, i love cover catch! I love discovering the new beautiful covers you post!

Upcoming Releases:

I didn't get so much comments on this one but according to the rating, you guys like this feature. Though, I know that I don't give a lot of attention to this one... it's just a monthly meme. But, I'm open for ideas on how to open it up... Here's what people said about it

you should post more often for your releases. i like getting updated with what books should be on my radar!
One main reason I go here is because of the book news.... e.g. what's releasing.

I would love to improve this feature... and as I said, I'm open for new ideas. Also, I've been needing a button for this feature so if any of you are html and design wizards and are willing to, please do. :)

Sneaking Around Goodreads:

This one is doing fine as well... though, not doing the best. In average, it's a 4 rating which is pretty good. Even recently, someone asked me if they were able to use this meme for their blog which had definitely had kept me high hopes for this meme. I really enjoy this meme because it's fun to see what's there on Goodreads. Here's what people had to say

I'd like more info on the book. But I know the publisher only gives a little bit so this is not your fault in any way.
I always discover new books and covers on your good reads post
I really enjoy sneaking around goodreads, the books you highlight always seem much more of a discovery.
I love Sneaking Around Goodreads, and have added to my tbr pile because of it. THanks!

Author Interviews:

Even though it doesn't show in the ratings, I'm a bit worried for this one. A lot of you said that you just don't enjoy reading author interviews and that they were boring because all you do is read the authors opinion on something. Anyway, here's what people said

I'm more interested in the books themselves than I am in the interviews. There's nothing WRONG with them, just not so enjoyable to me. It's just preference.
I don't really read the posts about other blogs or author interviews. I just wanna find out what books are out there that are awesome.
author interviews are just so common that I don't bother reading it. The same questions are asked over and over again... it just doesn't stand out anymore.

What do you think I should do? How should I sharper up the author interviews? They're really fun and it's awesome to see what authors say for specific questions I ask them so I'm still going to continue it!

Blogger Blooms:
This one had a lot of constructive criticism and suggestions on how to further improve the meme. Here's what people had to say

The Blogger Blooms are a little brief, and I think you could maybe go into a little more detail for each person so we know a bit more about them- even a quick favorites list before the description could work :)
Blogger Blooms: How about instead of just posting the info about the blog and the blogger, make them talk outside of the "introduction phase." Like a mini-interview with one or two questions and all of them will answer?
Just not a particular feature I enjoy. I strongly feel that new bloggers need to prove themselves and make it on their own merit
It isn't so much that it needs improvement but more something that doesn't attract my attention as much.
I don't really read them, but they're not very eye catching, maybe get them to add a book suggestion or something like that, it'd probably peak my interest. :)
This feedback has definitely helped me... From now on, when I ask bloggers, I'll give them a specific question to answer and when I post it, I'll ask that question to readers as well just so it's much more post-friendly. How 'bout that?

So, that's it! That was my whole survey form. Thank you once again to all who filled it out and gave me lots of comments and feedback on the features... You guys are awesome. If you still want to tell me something about my blog and how I can improve it, email me or comment below.


Mary said...

Thanks so much for posting the results of your survey! I do love your clean layout (mine's a bit too messy for me at the moment but I haven't had time to change it!) and your Sneaking Around Goodreads meme (I might have to borrow it...if that's okay with you).

I've been wondering about author interviews, too. I really like doing them because I love to talk to authors about their books and their writing but generally, those are the posts I get the fewest comments on. And, when I'm reading posts, those are the ones I tend to skim over (bad girl!).

Anyway, keep up the great work--love your blog! Happy 2011!
The Book Swarm

Vicky said...

I hate interviews, they are just so long and yes, sometimes they answer thing we already know.
I think an option would be doing short, more concise questions or no question at all. Like instead of the questions just ask the favorite things like book, or food.
And maybe some questions, but short ones.
Overall, your blog is great!

~The Book Pixie said...

Yay! You got such great feedback! I've never really done a suvey like this for my blog probably cause I'm a big ole chicken and think people would use it as an opportunity to bash and rip my poor little ole blog to pieces. Then I'd have this huge nervous breakdown and it'd be three months later and people'd be like, "Hey whatever happened to that Book Pixie girl? What was her name again?" XD Or maybe I'm just over reacting. Yeah, that's it. Maybe. :P


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