You Wish by Mandy Hubbard

Thursday, January 13, 2011 |

Title: You Wish
Author: Mandy Hubbard
Pages: 272 (paperback)
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: August 5, 2010
Source: Bought
Series: stand-alone


Kayla McHenry's sweet sixteen sucks! Her dad left, her grades dropped, and her BFF is dating the boy Kayla's secretly loved for years. Blowing out her candles, Kayla thinks: I wish my birthday wishes actually came true. Because they never freakin' do.

Kayla wakes the next day to a life-sized, bright pink My Little Pony outside her window. Then a year's supply of gumballs arrives. A boy named Ken with a disturbing resemblance to the doll of the same name stalks her. As the ghosts of Kayla's wishes-past appear, they take her on a wild ride . . . but they MUST STOP. Because when she was fifteen? She wished Ben Mackenzie would kiss her. And Ben is her best friend's boyfriend.
Charming and cute, You Wish will appeal readers with it’s laugh out loud moments and endearing romance. Ponies, gumballs, birthdays, and wishes... How fun!

The premise and the concept of the novel is definitely interesting and entertaining… birthday wishes actually coming true is a really cool concept because that doesn’t actually happen in real life! I was always eager to see what wishes would come true… there were many surprises too. The wishes were very amusing and led to bizarre and crazy situations, which were either funny or sad.

Being a normal high school and down to earth creates Kayla. She’s extremely grounded and she’s just herself. She never cared about what people thought of her and she did what she wanted to. Not just that, but, she has a great personality as well and had a great young adult voice that becomes memorable. I really wanted Ben to like Kayla… I was always eyeing both of them! He’s sweet, caring, and the relationship between both was just so lovable and fun.

This may be a ‘light’ read about wishes… it seems to be, but, Hubbard dives into levels of friendship, family, and most importantly, realizing and getting to know yourself. Hubbard didn’t go too much on the ‘magic’ concept, but instead created a message through Kayla’s personality and actions. Kayla just steadily grows until the end, every time a wish of hers comes true.

Hubbard has woven a delightful novel with a cute concept, funny moments, down to earth characters, and a powerful message. You Wish you read this!



Jess said...

Thanks for the review! My stepdaughter's 16th birthday is this year, and I'll add YOU WISH to her list of gifties :)

....Petty Witter said...

I saw you spotlighted on Misha's blog and thought I'd stop by to say hello. A great blog, it was nice to meet you, PW.

Cindy (Oodles of Books) said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this, it sounds really cute. Great review :)

Jess Day said...

I loved this book. I also rlly like your blog. Glad I came across you, cuz you just gained a new follower!

Lisa_Gibson said...

I thought this was a fun book too. Not overly serious but just fun. Great review!
Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

~The Book Pixie said...

I'm gonna have to be honest and say I'm not a fan of the cover. It's cute but looks Like it should be on a middle grae book. Ok anyhoo, this sounds like it is going to be a really fun read and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the review!


Adeeva Afsheen said...

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