Subway Girl by P.J. Converse

Thursday, February 3, 2011 |

Title: Subway Girl
Author: P.J. Converse
Pages: 256 (hardcover)
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: March 1, 2011
Source: Publicist


From the moment he sees Amy on a Hong Kong subway, Simon wants to talk to her. But when he finally works up the courage, he finds out he can’t. Because Amy doesn’t speak Chinese, and Simon is failing English. But despite their language barrier, Amy and Simon connect, and they discover they understand each other.

In this stunning first novel about class differences, cultural arrogance, unwanted pregnancy and abortion, sexual double standards, and love and friendship, two vulnerable teens carve out a relationship even though each seems way beyond the reach of the other.
Likeable and lifelike, Subway Girl is a light, but yet powerful story over coming different languages and it’s barriers. There are many teen issues that occur in this novel, making it a pleasing learning experience; no matter the culture, society, or background.

With alternative perspectives in the chapters, both Amy and Simon were well established by the end. Amy, who does not know how to speak Chinese, grew up in America and has the American beliefs and background. Simon, who barely speaks English, goes through a lot of developments and undergoes the language barrier. Nothing was that special about the characters, but, they were realistic with the fact that they made mistakes and weren’t perfect.

Converse does tackle many teen issues in Subway Girl. Friendships, relationships, teen pregnancy, and cultural differences all occurred in this novel. Amy does confess her mistakes to Simon as soon as they get close. Early on in the story, their friendship starts out here and there, but then it gets serious and their feelings suddenly start to luster.

With Converse exposing her teaching in Hong Kong, Subway Girl is a new type of take onto two very diverse cultures. This story has some authentic layers and communicates with a voice indicating teen issues and the emotions that comes with them.

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