Want to advertise on The Bookologist? You've come to the right page! I've only started to advertise late 2011, over a year and a half after I started blogging. Please read the following information.

  • 1850+ followers
  • 300+ page views a day
  • 3500+ page views per month
  • 100+ unique visitors per day
  • 4000+ comments

  • top visitors are from: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Philippines, Germany, and China
  • 85% of the visitors are female
  • visitors age range from 12-60


General Information:
  • payments are only accepted through paypal
  • 100% of earnings go to charities, fundraisers, and NGO's (in particular: Chilren's Hour and UNICEF)
  • the advertisement will only be placed on the blog once payment is done
  • advertisements must be appropriate and suitable for all ages

Shoot me an email if you are interested in advertising on The Bookologist.