Graffiti Girl by Kelly Parra

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 |
Title: Graffiti Girl
Author: Kelly Parra
MTV (May 15, 2007)
Pages: 247 pages
Reading Level: Young Adult

Graffiti art. It's bol
d. It's thrilling. And it can get a girl into serious trouble...

Raised by her single mom (who's always dating the wrong kind of man) in a struggling California neighborhood, Angel Rodriguez is a headstrong, independent young woman who channels her hopes and dreams for the future into her painting. But when her entry for a community mural doesn't rate, she's heartbroken. Even with winning artist Nathan Ramos--a senior track star and Angel's secret crush--taking a sudden interest in Angel and her art, she's angry and hurt. She's determined to find her own place in the art world, her own way.

That's when Miguel Badalin--from the notorious graffiti crew Reyes Del Norte--opens her eyes to an underground world of graf tags and turf wars. She's blown away by this bad boy's fantastic work and finds herself drawn to his dangerous charm. Soon she's running with Miguel's crew, pushing her skills to the limit and beginning to emerge as the artist she always dreamed she could be. But Nathan and Miguel are bitter enemies with a shared past, and choosing between them and their wildly different approaches to life and art means that Angel must decide what matters most before the artist inside of her can truly break free.

Graffiti Girl is something new, that readers will get a message from the book. I want you guys to read it because it's too great for a story, sorry if I'm exaggerating, but it was a great book. Although the start seemed to be a bit slow, I wasn't so sure if I was going to like this book because hmm... the start just wasn't so interesting. That was only for a chapter or two and then suddenly BAM. Just like that, it got better and better until it became a great novel.

The main character in the book was Angel, she's a sweet and kind person. She loved to paint and she had big dreams for becoming an artist. She's raised by her mom and only her mom. The mom, to me, I wasn't so fond of her character, she always dated the wrong man. I felt sorry for Angel. I could connect and understand to the story more than usual, because, well something you guys don't know about me is that I love painting, basically everything related to art, I love. This is why. I enjoyed it a lot, just not the start, the start was rough.

Miguel, a normal boy in the story, except he has excellent art works. By this, Angel's dream started. Not only is this bad boy great, but he's charming. She's cut in between another guy called Nathan, who had been enemies in the past, take it this way, they are both very different people. She must decide which way to go.

Overall, I strongly recommend this book to everyone who is reading this. It's a very fast read, and an enjoyable one.

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Thank you for your review. The book sounds very good, though I dont like the cover. :)

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