Author Interview: Kristin Walker (& Contest!)

Monday, March 22, 2010 |

Today, I have the lovely, Kristin Walker. She is the author of the hilarious, awesome, chick-lit, and debut novel, A Match Made In High School. If you guys haven't read MATCH, I definitely recommend you do. I reviewed it a couple of days ago, you can check it out here.

Describe yourself in 3-5 words.
Idealist with limits. Comedy lover.

How does it feel to be a debut author?
It's actually pretty surreal. After wanting and working for so long to be published, it almost seems like it can't possibly be true. Other than that, it's been fantastic.

What do you think about the cover of MATCH? Did you contribute to this final cover?
I had nothing to do with the cover except to say that I loved it. It was all the art department at Penguin. They rock! They also put pictures of two of my family members on there, which was insanely cool.

How are you and Fiona alike? How are you different?
I'm a reformed cynic, critic, and sarcasm addict. For years I thought those things were making me funny, but for the most part, they were making me a jerk. Much like the issues Fiona has to deal with. I also was never terribly fashionable or good with makeup application. I was, however, a geek cheerleader. In high school, didn't have nearly the big mouth Fiona has. I speak my mind much more freely now. But I think about it first.

What was the hardest aspect of writing MATCH?
Getting through the first draft. It's a daily battle to sit my butt down and tell my inner critic to shut up. Once I get that first draft written, I feel like I have something concrete to work with, no matter how crappy it is. And my first drafts are generally pretty crappy.

Is there anything you want readers to take from MATCH?
I really wanted to convey the idea of looking more closely at people you thought you had pegged as one thing or another. Nobody is one-dimensional.

Do you have a specific schedule of when you write?
No schedule other than working when my kids are in school, or on the weekends when my fabulous husband watches them so I can write.

Any must-have's while writing?
Caffeine. That's number one. Quiet, for sure. Sugar, more often than not. (Starbursts pretty much fueled MATCH.) I have to be on a computer, too. I can't write anything long-hand. At this point, I can type faster than I can write, anyway. Plus, my handwriting is AWFUL.

Do you have any upcoming novels?
I'm trying to develop another young adult novel for Razorbill. I'm also putting the finishing touches on a middle grade paranormal manuscript. Exciting!

Thanks so much Kristin, for stopping by!

Kristin has kindly donated a MATCH SWAG prize pack to (1) lucky winner. This prize pack includes:
  • bookmarks
  • pencils
  • a fake engagement ring
  • post-it matchbooks

Official Info:

  • open to everyone
  • must be 13 years of age to enter
  • April 3 is the deadline
  • fill out the form below
  • check my contest policy

Winner: Jessica @ Chick Lit Teens

~Contest Closed~


Dwayne said...

I still can't find time to read this, but it's on my desk! Thanks for the contest :)

Precious said...

cute swag! Definitely joining.

Falling Off The Shelf said...

Great interview! That's pretty cool that they posted pictures of her family on the cover, made me look back at the cover to try to figure out who they were, lol.

Thanks for the great contest!
Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf

April (BooksandWine) said...

Yum, gotta love starbursts!

Anonymous said...

thanks! really lovely goodies!

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