Author Interview: Tricia Mills

Saturday, August 28, 2010 |

  • Heartbreak River
  • Winter Longing

Tricia Mills grew up in Kentucky and got her degree in print journalism. She has worked as a newspaper reporter, a marketing assistant, and a magazine managing editor, and she now freelance writes and edits full time. She and her husband live in Tennessee.

Describe Winter Longing in five words or less.
Love, loss, and love again.

What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are?
Strengths: Hopefully, it's authentic characters and strong settings that are a character in and of themselves.

Weaknesses: Like most writers, I second-guess myself a lot and then chew my fingernails to nubs for fear that people won't like the books.

How are you and Winter alike? How are you different?
Alike: We both grew up in small, rural towns where we felt nothing ever happened.

Different: I have no talent at sewing or designing (but am envious of those who do).

Are any characters in Winter Longing based on real people?
No. Characters are usually a mishmash of characteristics from people both real and fictional.

The cover for Winter Longing is gorgeous, did you have any input on the final outcome?
I love the cover, too! I've been very fortunate with covers. I don't really have any input on the covers at all. That's true for most authors. We just cross our fingers we get something good.

Any new projects you might be able to share with us?
One song I mention in the book as one that Winter listens to while she's going through her grieving process is "Breath" by Breaking Benjamin, particularly the chorus.
Thanks so much to Tricia, for stopping by!


Stephanie :) (Books Are A Girl's Best Friend) said...

I've never heard of Tricia Mills before but it sounds like she did something like I want to do (become a print journalist and an author!)
I like your question about whether she had anny input on the cover, I think authors should at least get a small say in the design.

Izzy said...

Great interview! I like the questions you asked. I need to read WINTER LONGING :)

Kristen said...

I've heard of Winter Longing but haven't had the chance to read it yet. Great interview! Definitely makes me want to read the book more.

Alexia561 said...

Nice interview! I like that Tricia admits she wants people to like her books, as some authors are a little cocky and claim they just write for themselves. Not familiar with this book, but will check it out!

Deepali said...

Great interview! Especially liked the first question, don't think I have heard that one anywhere before :)
How did you ask an author for an interview? I really want to , but haven't tried yet.
Stopped over from the Sunday Blues memee-Volving Books

Bella said...

I really like the cover, it just seems so sweet along with the title. Wasn't familiar with Tricia before now & gonna check this one out :)

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